Letter from the President

What an interesting Spring we have had here in Missouri. It seemed as though Spring just would not get here and stay with us! Of course, this means the start to nesting season has been very different than last season. This time last year many of us had eggs hatching. This year it seems some of you have eggs hatching while others have birds just now selecting a box and putting in nesting material! Who knows what the rest of the season holds. I can tell you, however, about a few things sure to be helpful to all bluebird- ers: Please take a few minutes to look over the information in our newsletter on the new “House Sparrow Project” . I am sure many of you could provide valuable information to this study. Also, Please be sure to note the information Steve Smith has submitted on the upcoming MOBS Field Trip in June. I know I plan to be there and am sure I will learn a lot. Of course, you’ll also want to hurry and send in your Registration for the 2013 Missouri Bluebird Conference (July 12-14th). There will be so much to discover at this years conference to benefit all of us AND our native cavity nesters. Plus, the gorgeous Powell Gardens is a terrific setting and the planned field trips and programs are sure to provide valuable data, great experience, and wonderful camaraderie with other Bluebirders!
Do what you can to help the Bluebirds,
Steve Garr,
MOBS president


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