2019 Missouri Bluebird Society Conference

Save The Dates!

July 12-14,  2019

Meet Me in St. Louis

An invitation from Bob Siemer and Ann Earley,
the 2019 Bluebird Conference Chairs:
“Mark your calendars to join the flock at the 2019 MOBS annual
conference in St. Louis! Learn more about the latest in bluebird tips for
both beginning and experienced bluebirders, and find out how to attract more birds to your yard and garden. Share bluebird photos and
network with MOBS friends, and enjoy a special presentation about
owls. Meet us in St. Louis, July 12-14!”

Friday Evening Bluebird Banquet

Our speaker for Friday evening will be Margy Terpstra, who lives in Kirkwood, MO and is an active member of Missouri Nature & Environmental Photographers.

Check out her blog and photography here https://hummerhavenunltd.com/blog

Saturday Educational Programs

Of course, no MOBS Conference would be complete without a program on “Bluebird basics”! Presenting a program annually on this topic comes directly from recommendations and requests from our Bluebird Conference attendees. From beginners to experienced Bluebirders, there is always something to be learned at a good Basics review.

Brenda Hente will be presenting her program titled “Owls of Missouri: Myths and Superpowers”. which she describes as follows— Does an owl hoot to ward off evil? Can it turn its head all the way around? Do owls bring good fortune, or are they a bad omen? These discussions will take place as we learn about the owl species that live in the state of Missouri all year, along with those who migrate through our state.

Watch for more info on the 2019 Bluebird Conference coming soon right here on our MOBS website AND special edition of The Fledgling!


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