2020 Conference Canceled

Dear Bluebirders and Friends,

After much deliberation, and in the interest of safety to our MOBS members, conference attendees, and all who would be involved in the event, the Board of Directors of the Missouri Bluebird Society has elected to cancel the 2020 Missouri Bluebird Conference, originally scheduled for July 10th -12th. There are no plans at this time to reschedule the 2020 conference. While we are sad to make this announcement, we hope everyone will appreciate that, given the issues caused by the global Covid pandemic, we will be putting safety first and looking forward to a wonderful conference 2021.

I am very proud of our entire Board for coming together (electronically) to discuss and come to this decision. Each Board Member is an asset to MOBS and we are all fortunate to have such dedicated and talented individuals volunteering their time and efforts for our Society.

We also certainly appreciate each of our MOBS members and thank you for the work you all do to further Bluebird and cavity-nester Conservation in your part of the world.

Please know that this cancellation does not preclude the possibility of MOBS-sponsored learning events in a variety of alternative fashions prior to our 2021 Missouri Bluebird Conference. We will keep you posted on any developments and are looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Do what you can to help the Bluebirds,
Steve Garr
Missouri Bluebird Society, President


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