The major goal of the society is to encourage the development, maintenance, and monitoring of bluebird trails in the state of Missouri and to encourage citizens of Missouri to have safe bluebird boxes in their yards.

Join the Society

Becoming a member is easy.  Just download the Missouri Bluebird Membership form, fill it out, attach a check, and mail it in.

For more information contact:

Steve Garr, President


2 Responses to About

  1. Kathy Kreutzer says:

    Is Ivan Miller hosting his Martin/bluebird event in 2021?

  2. Steve Garr says:

    Sorry Kathy, this website is set up to contact me when a message comes into the questions/comments page, but I did not see anything come in from your post on the “about” page. Maybe it does not forward things from there? ….sorry we missed it! I hope you received the email notice we sent to members about Ivan’s Open House. They did have it again this year and the Miller family always does a terrific job educating and sharing with everyone about Purple Martins and many other species- We appreciate them!
    Steve Garr,
    MOBS. president

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