Missouri Bluebird Society Nest Box Grant Program

July 3, 2009
Gilbertson style PVC

Gilbertson style PVC

The Missouri Bluebird Society is a 501(c) 3 not- for- profit organization dedicated to conservation of bluebirds and other native cavity nesting songbirds, and to educational projects that would be of benefit to these native birds.  A limited number of nest boxes each year will be awarded to assist in projects that help promote the objective of the Missouri Bluebird Society (MOBS).

These projects must include establishing and enhancing nest box trails on public lands within the state

of Missouri, and have as one of its goals the education of the local community about Bluebirds and other

Gilwood style

Gilwood style

native Cavity Nesting Species.  These grants start at five sets of nest boxes and poles per grant, on a ―matching basis‖, with MOBS providing five nest box/pole sets when applicant provides an equal number of nest box/ pole sets. Whether or not the matching box requirement can be met by refurbishing existing boxes on an established trail will be at the discretion of the MOBS

Board of Directors. Further, applicants must agree to the following provisions:

1. Applicant’s nest boxes must be constructed in a fashion and design recommended and approved by MOBS.

2. Trail Location must be approved by MOBS.

3. The applicant agrees to present a 15-30 minute program to their organization or another community organization about bluebirds and other native cavity –nesting birds and the need for monitored bluebird trails. MOBS will assist in providing materials for this presentation.

4. The applicant agrees to take responsibility for seeing that the nest box trail is adequately monitored and agrees to take all
necessary precautions and maintenance measures to ensure that non-native species are not allowed to

Slot Box

Slot Box

inhabit and reproduce in the nest boxes.

5.The applicant agrees to turn in a completed MOBS nest box monitoring form each year after nesting season reporting nesting activity on the trail.

Download the application for more information on the program.