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These photos were taken by members of the society depicting bluebirds found in Missouri

4 Responses to Photos

  1. Margie Cole says:

    I love these pictures! We have 12 or more bluebirds comming to our birdbath at least twice a day. I stop everything and just set and watch. They are so funny and if I’m having a bad day they can really lift my spirts. Gods birds are so beauitful!!! Thank you for sharing.

    • Steve Garr says:

      Margie, So glad you like these pics! Our webmaster Ann Smith did a terrific job putting the slide show together. We have EVEN MORE great pics planned for a special slide show of “Members Bluebirds” at our Missouri Bluebird Conference on July 13th- 15th ….hope you can attend! Steve & Regina Garr, Bluebird Conference chairs

  2. Larry L. Dobson says:

    What a wonderful web site!! Great pictures of Eastern Bluebirds and the many events sponsored by MOBS. This gives a great pictorial history of the Missouri Bluebird Society and all it does. Many thanks to the webmaster, Ann Smith, for her great work. To all the new people just visiting the web site, visit us at a MOBS Conference and get involved with a great hobby.

  3. R. Kevin Hall says:

    Neighbor told me about this organization when she saw me putting up nest boxes. Printed out the form and will be joining. Great site. As a boy I helped my Grandfather in Pineville MO hang nest boxes on his farm. I am now retiring and have never forgotten that special bond. Thanks for the great web site and great photos. Look forward to 2021 but who isn’t, right!

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